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How many more miles to Graceland?

Nova Nebula | 4:01 pm | February 11, 2008 | Action,Comedy,Crime,Drama,Thriller

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The story centers around a band of ex-cons, united by their almost obsessive love for the King of rock’n’roll, who decide to knock over a Las Vegas casino dressed as Elvis impersonators. Sure, that’s not the end, you’ll find there some funny sex scenes with Courtney Cox and Kurt Russell, a lot of deaths and more!

The action scenes are excellent, the story is entertaining and believable, and, probably one of the biggest accomplishments in action movie-making, the love story is believable!

This movie is a really good way to pass an evening because it contains action, humour and great actors!

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Original Title: 3000 Miles to Graceland

Production year: 2001; Directed by Demian Lichtenstein; Featured actors: Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner, Courteney Cox, Christian Slater, Kevin Pollak, David Arquette, Jon Lovitz, Howie Long, Thomas Haden Church, Bokeem Woodbine, Ice-T, David Kaye, Louis Lombardi, Shawn Michael Howard, Michael Kopsa; Available soundtrack and/or composer: download here!

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