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Paranoid schizophrenic anti-social teenager

Nova Nebula | 4:16 pm | February 8, 2008 | Drama,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller

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Donnie Darko has visions of a giant rabbit called Frank. Frank instructs him how to act and do things. Donnie Darko knows that the world will end in 28 day time. “And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.”

Are you interested in? I strongly advice you to watch it because after the movie ends, it’s almost impossible to keep yourself from considering all the possible ways of interpretation of the wohole idea.

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Original Title: Donnie Darko

Production year: 2001; Directed by Richard Kelly; Featured actors: Drew Barrymore, Jena Malone, Jake Gyllenhaal, Holmes Osborne, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Daveigh Chase, Mary McDonnell, James Duval, Arthur Taxier, Patrick Swayze, Mark Hoffman, David St. James, Tom Tangen, Jazzie Mahannah, Jolene Purdy, Stuart Stone, Gary Lundy; Composer and/or available soundtrack: you can download here

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