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Nova Nebula | 4:49 pm | February 12, 2008 | Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Romance

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Edward is a human being, but his inventor died before finishing him, and Edward remains forsaken with scissors instead of hands.

He lives at the place where he was born, a mansion on a hill, until an Avon lady goes to sell some cosmetics. She discoverers Edward and decides to pull him down into the world he was secluded from.

But in the real world Edward is a “freak” because of his hands. Everything he does is practically ruined because he can’t experience life. He falls in love but it’s not easy. In fact he is more like Frankenstein monster than a real human.

This is a story about love, and the hate that can consume it.

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Original Title: Edward Scissorhands

Production year: 1990; Directed by Tim Burton; Featured actors: Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, Anthony Michael Hall, Kathy Baker, Robert Oliveri, Conchata Ferrell, Caroline Aaron, Dick Anthony Williams, O-Lan Jones, Vincent Price, Alan Arkin, Susan Blommaert, Linda Perri, John Davidson; Composer and/or original soundtrack: find main theme here!

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