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Macbeth in Australia!

Alex Poe | 4:57 pm | March 20, 2008 | Drama,Thriller

download Macbeth dvdStage of original play moves from the ancient Britain to modern ganglands of Melbourne, where the history repeats itself once again.

The movie is worth watching even if you did not read or seen the play. Although it, probably, lacks some dramatic moments it may still be appealing to all kinds of movie lovers. In my oppinion it is always interesting to watch such experiments, bringing old William’s plays to modern auditory by means of the movie. Just remember Romeo and Juliet.

Do not know anyone who can lend you the DVD with this film? Download Macbeth DVD here and have it in your collection.

Original Title: Macbeth

Production year: 2006; Directed by Geoffrey Wright; Featured actors: Sam Worthington, Victoria Hill, Lachy Hulme, Gary Sweet, Steve Bastoni, Mick Molloy, Matt Doran, Damian Walshe-Howling, Jonny Pasvolsky, Rel Hunt, John Molloy, Miranda Nation, Chloe Armstrong, Kate Bell, Bob Franklin; Available composer and/or soundtrack: Macbeth (overture) by J. Verdi.

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