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The Chronicles of Riddick – post Gibson’s future?

Alex Poe | 4:12 pm | January 31, 2008 | Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi,Thriller

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At first, I was quite unsatisfied with this plot – the Villain has escaped the long hunt, just to.. take part in another one. Undoubtedly, as a prey, once again. But then all these nice sci-fi triffles combined with the idea of “evil, facing greater evil” and finally bringing Riddick to the choice with the whole World a at a stake, made me think that the movie is quite unique! I do not know who the author was, but Davis Twohy was really good in depicting the future that is surely next to the one of William Gibbson, and probaly matches the future that of the Aliens‘. Lovers of some anarchy in sci-fi are whom I’d like to recommend downloading the Chronicles of Riddick. All others may find the movie somewhat chaotic, but really good.

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Original title: Chronicles of Riddick, The

Production year: 2004; Directed by David Twohy; Featured actors: Vin Diesel, Colm Feore, Thandie Newton, Judi Dench, Karl Urban, Alexa Davalos, Linus Roache, Yorick van Wageningen, Nick Chinlund, Keith David, Mark Gibbon, Roger R. Cross, Terry Chen, Christina Cox, Nigel Vonas; Composer and/or available soundtrack: Graeme Revell, OST Chronicles of Riddick.

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